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  Club History
The present day Dundrum Football Club was established in 1973 by a Fr. McCabe and incorporated under the name of Churchtown Boys. Fr McCabe had been previously associated with St Joseph's Boys but had moved parish to Churchtown. With the help of Joe Kelly and Willie Daniel (now dec'd) he soon set about forming a new team and club. The new club had one schoolboy team and played its fixtures in the Churchtown area. The Club subsequently lost its ground in Churchtown and it was at that time that the newly formed Dundrum Family Recreation Centre (DFRC) in Ballinteer was approached for playing facilities. Permission was duly given to play in the DFRC but with the stipulation that the club's name be changed. And so DFRC Boys became part of Dundrum's community landscape.

As always, fund raising became an important and urgent issue. A heavy reliance was made on the selling of the "Minute Coupon" where buyers had to predict the exact minute the first goal would be scored in the English League. Sales were largely limited to the Johnston Mooney and O'Brien Factory where early club stalwarts Joe Kelly, Terry Evans and Danny Keating all worked.

The Club's first crisis occurred in its early years when it lost its only set of jerseys before an important match. Even in those days the washing of the jerseys was a weekly ritual and the "black plastic sack" (kit bags came later) resting inside the door of "the manager" was inadvertently given to the binmen by a house proud spouse.

In the mid 80's the Club changed its name to Dundrum FC, recognising the political correctness of the times and in 1998, celebrated its Silver Jubilee.

As the Club grew due to demands in the community and the dedication of all its managers and helpful parents it was obvious new facilities would be required. In 2000 the Club launched a private members LOTTO scheme designed to raise funding for a new Club House and engaged with Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown CC, EMD Architects and Political / Community supports. Our newly built Club House represents a magnificent achievement and is a testament to the efforts of all those involved. It is a tremendous asset in the community.

Today Dundrum FC runs 14 schoolboy, 2 senior men's teams and a senior women's team. The Club is represented in the South Dublin League, Dublin & District Schoolboys League and in the Leinster Senior League.

In 1973, Fr McCabe, Joe Kelly and Willie Daniel planted an acorn which with the support and dedication and desire of ordinary people in the community has grown and transformed today into a mighty oak.

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Opening of Dundrum FC Club House
Dundrum FC Club House


Dundrum FC Club House
Terry Evans outside
Dundrum FC Club House


Dundrum FC Club House
Opening of the Dundrum FC Club House


About our Crest...steeped in history
Castle: Dundrum Castle, built by the Fitzwilliams, dates back to the 14th century. Its ruins still exist at Ballinteer Bridge and it is of significant historical importance to Dundrum signifying strength and protection.

Goat: The Goat with its distinctive appearance, charm of manner and long horns is a popular symbol used in heraldry. Super vitality, agility and its amazing ability to overcome obstacles in its path are the badge of its personality. Dundrum was famous for its herds of goats (from 16th century) whose milk was believed to contain "special recuperative and life enhancing power".

Motto: Our motto "In Hoc Signo Vinces" translates as "under this sign you shall conquer".

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